Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Virto Bulk Upload

Ø  Site gets updated with Virto Bulk File Upload Web Part for SharePoint 2010, Ribbon Item for the lists to Attach Multiple Files and ECB Action Item for the lists to Attach Multiple Files.

Ø  From the web part properties we can choose the any choose the site and then Bulk Upload or Attach Multiple Files.

Ø  If we choose Bulk Upload we get an option to choose single document library for uploading multiple files.

Ø  If we choose Attach Multiple Files we get an option to choose List and single list Item for attaching multiple files to the selected list item.

Ø  If we have any required fields it gives an alert.

Ø  We can edit the metadata for single item or for all the items at a time



Ø  At a time we cannot upload to 2 document libraries. Every time we should change the web part properties for uploading into different list/library

Ø  If we have any Managed Meta Data field type as column as required field, this field is not showing in the Properties screen. As it is a required field we are not able to upload single item to that library.

Ø  Under Web Part properties it has an option to enter Redirect Url. I didn’t find any use of this value.

Ø  After uploading it will not show any message like uploaded successfully.

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